10 free e-books for web designers

10 free e-books for web designers

1. Web Designer’s Success Guide

Web Designer’s Success Guide free book

Keven Airgid’s book is must-read one if you are a freelancer and want to profit. Included themes as how to become self-employed, knowledge, what to charge and how efficiency market design skills. Kevin is now running an interactive studio and is a well-recognized designer.  If you are choosing to go alone in the design work, this book gives mostly all answers for the questions that appeared in your mind. Wonderful step-by-step guide about how to gain successes.


2. How To Be Creative

How To Be Creative

In this book, inspired author represents how to stay creative in the business world. Hugh MacLeod is best known for the drawing cartoons on the backside of the business cards. He uses them as the illustrations for the 26 tips that he represents in the book. All of them are brilliant and interesting at the same time starting from the ‘ignore everybody’ and ending with ‘keep your day job’.


3. Web Design and Mobile Trends for 2013

Web Design and Mobile Trends for 2013

Collection of interviews with such designers and visionaries as Aarron Walter, Karen McGrane and Jeffy Zeldman. Also included information obtained from the Ultranoir, Unit9 and B-Reel agencies. Mainly it involved ideas about the future of the design and web technologies for different devices. Book is also available in Kindle and iPad versions.


4. Integrating Accessibility Throughout Design


The practical guide that included many advises about making hardware, software, websites and customer products focused on accessibility question and on the avoiding future snags. The author of the book Shawn Henry is an outreach coordinator and  highly passionate by the idea best web accessibility for people with disabilities. Book describes tips for comfortable interaction, examples in scenarios, personas, user group profiles and much more.


5. 50 Ways to Please Your Customers

50 Ways to Please Your Customers

In the 2012 phenomena of the mobile web exploded. This book is representing tips for better creation of the web sites for mobile devices. More than 50 practices that help you unify mobile design skill, 50 different strategies for creation multi-screen design. Book also includes a description of the problems that appear in the process of designing user experience.


6. Web Style Guide

Web Style Guide

One of the most practical guides, which you have ever read. Include information about different areas of the web development such as usability, information architecture and design. Established design principals are well illustrated. Great book for beginner web designers as well as for advance ones.


7. Learning Web Design

Learning Web Design

Mainly this book will be useful for beginner web designers. It involves base information about the how web site is working as well as the tips about CSS layout and graphic files optimization. Author of the book is Jennifer Niederst Robbins.


8. Design Your Imagination

Design Your Imagination

Starting from the history of the web design this book includes interesting information for the beginners. On the other hand there are many interesting tips for the old-timers in the 28 chapters. This guide involves almost all aspects of the web design and can rather help in honing creativity. All information is good illustrated and includes practical examples.


9.  The Nature of Coding


The book is written by Daniel Shiffman, professor of the Interactive Telecommunications Program (New York University).  Mainly it is focused on the programming techniques and strategies in spite of computer simulations of natural systems. Take into account that the book is not created for the beginners. You will be needed basic knowledge of the coding for better understanding.


10.  Getting Real


This book describes marketing, programming, business and design philosophy of the company 37signals. It is well known for developing web-based software that is used in seventy countries all over the world by more than one million people. In brief chapters are all main ideas about how to build your web-based application in easier, faster and smarter way.

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