10 Trends in Web Design

10 Trends in Web Design

Any web designer well understands the importance to be on the ahead of the trends curve. He must, on one hand, well understand desires and needs of the customer, on the other hand, provide him the solution of the visual communication that will be done in the freshest web design style.

The knowledge about the latest web designer trends is vital for everyone who works on this market and helps them to be at the tops of their game. In spite of the satisfying client need web designer also need understand the industry and market in which customer works. In this case, he will be able create a web site that will be helpful for the future users.

In this short post, we represent ten trends that are on the popularity edge now. You would be able to notice that some of these abilities could help to satisfy client needs.

1) Responsive type of the Web Design

In our days, the way in which information reaches the people is totally changed. Less than ten years ago users mostly approach web using their desktops computers or laptops. The changes came in our life. Today we use different devices (eReaders, tablets, smartphones etc.) to connect to the Internet. First it was possible to choose what version of the web site you want to open desktop one or done for the mobile platforms. Usually the last one includes less information and is not totally equal to the desktop one. Now web sites are done with the possibility to recognize the device from which it is opened. It automatically recognized the size and the type of the gadget and will be viewed in a particular size.

2) Transparency in Web Design

One another trend that appears in 2013 is using transparency in web design creation. The CSS3 is now widely used, and the Photoshop or complex coding for providing transparency is not longer needed. Now different parts of the websites can easily be done with different opacity or transparency.

3) Minimalism

Some time ago if you visited any web site you had found the crowd of the information and visual object on it. Then the main idea was the more the better. Now it is in the past. The new standard is less is better. Only relevant and useful content now is places in the web sites.

4) Social Media Friendly Web Sites

For a last few years, the existence of the social media buttons on the web sites is one of the most important trends. It makes the site more social friendly. Their owners obtain additional traffic from the social media because the users often share useful or interesting information that they have read.

5) Mobile Sites

In spite of the responsive design trend keep in mind that today most part of the people reach the Internet by different types of mobile gadgets. Possibility to create practical, functional and beautiful design for the mobile devices only is important for any web designer.

6) Fixed Header Design

Web design where CSS header is fixed also coming in trend. In this case, frozen header panel is created. It is more aesthetically pleasant and has been providing more functionality.

7) Flash-less Web Design

Flash design that was widely used few years ago now is in the past. Now great flexibility in web design is created by new technologies CSS3+HTML5 and JavaScript. They together provide more abilities for richer and more enjoyable user experience.

8) Photo Rage

Keeping in mind minimalistic idea there is now less chaos in web sites. Large amount of banner ads is in the past. Large background images are now used to provide a clear statement to the users.

9) Infinite Scrolling of Web Pages

The name of this trend is explaining itself. Good and very common example of it is Google Images service. When you search images in it, you will obtain endless page full of pictures which you can scroll indefinitely.

10) QR Codes

It is now possible to catch QR codes by devices with mobile platform. Understanding of how to use this ability in appropriative way in web design is also very important.

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