3 Prejudices About High-Fidelity Wireframes

There are several myths about high-fidelity wireframes. Let's discuss them in details here.

1) Creation of Hi-Fi wireframes take too much time.

wireframeThis is partially true if you are using non-specific wireframe tools to create the wireframe. If you choose to use wireframe software to develop your hi-fi wireframe, you will have the option of using controls that are available in the app library.

For example, there are 113 UI elements available in Mockup Builder. In addition, a separate library of icons are also available. In Mockup Builder Gallery, you also can find a UI Kit which can be easily imported into your worksheet. For example, we have a UI Kit of Metro Style Elements as well as a UI Kit for iOS7. All these kits are available for free. Hence, this myth is only true if you are developing hi-fi wireframes from scratch without using wireframe software.

2) To clients, it doesn’t matter what a wireframe type you use during presentation.

As the hi-fidelity wireframes are more detailed than lo-fi wireframes, they require less imagination on the clients’ part to try to figure out what the final product will look like. In the case of using lo-fi wireframes, clients often cannot give accurate opinions or feedback based on the final product due to a lack of detail. In other hand hi-fidelity wireframe gives clients the feeling that you worked a lot on the project.

3) Low-fidelity wireframes and high-fidelity wireframes have the same functionality.

Wireframe of Download Page This is hardly a fact from several view points. Firstly, lo-fi wireframes are a good way to communicate functionality that will be provided by an application or website, but when you need to switch to communicating aesthetics and key elements of the final product, lo-fi wireframes are not a good option. High-fidelity wireframes can handle this task better, especially when used in conjunction with mobile application wireframes as these mock ups tend to use more standardized components. In addition, the high-fidelity wireframes will ensure fewer questions from clients about the functionality of the elements.

Secondly, an important point about functionality pertains to startup and entrepreneurial companies. You will be a lot more persuasive in an investor presentation if a hi-fi wireframes are used. High-fidelity wireframes give clients the feeling that you have a firm grasp of the project at hand, and you are able to comprehend client requirements and deliver quality work.

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