7 Reasons to Create Wireframe

Wireframe is the tool, which help a designer to show look of the future web design for the customer in the earliest stage of the project development. It is the way of the visual conversation with the client, which is rather cheap and can save money. Wire frame helps to explain how the site will be felt like and the overall look of it. It can be drawn using wireframe software. Creating them this way provides more abilities of making revisions with little effort. This is one more reasons why wireframes are important in design work. So what are the main reasons for design website wireframe?

1. Previous arrangement of the information. Even before starting writing the first line of the functional analysis, there will be knowing where and what information will be situated.

2. Flexibility in design. Adding, deleting and changing points in your concept and idea are easy.
Tabs or Swipe?

3. Concentration on functional details. It will be easy to understand visitor’s point of view. Wireframe also provides the ability to experiment with total layout. Understand better which parts correspond to user’s perspective and which not.

4. Using in the design implementation. Even before you write the first line of the code it will be possible to analyze your layout trend and concept. In this case, all changes can be done cheaply and easily.
Working in Visio - Redesign
5. Wireframe as a part of the service for a client. Providing wireframe to the client for free gives advantage over developers or designers that do not do this.

6. Beginning of the project is the most powerful part of it. At the beginning client will give an appreciation to the work. Wireframe can help you to win customer approval in the first stage of the project. If client like what you have done in the wireframe part, the next step also will be particularly easy.

7. Web site wireframe can be part of the proposal. If the client is prestigious, lucrative and huge, it is possible to invest some time in wireframe creation as this could help you to win client proposal. In this case be highly careful and be sure that they signed all needed documents. So they would not be able to use your wireframes or design ideas without hiring you.

Create your first wireframe right now!