Android Tablet Wireframes in Mockup Builder

Recently we have wrote that we added a few new project types in Mockup Builder. Today we present you another project type. It allows to create wireframes of Android Tablet App. To make such project type just choose "Tablet" - "Android" after pushing "Create a New Project" on the dashboard (see the following picture).

Android Tablet Wireframe

Let's take a look how screens a looking like in this project type:

Portrait orientation Landscape orientation
 Android Tablet Wireframe Portrait  Android Tablet Wireframe Landscape

As you can notice we have changed the view of the working area. You have the ability to choose with which screen orientation you need to work portrait or landscape one. Also, we have added some specific controls for Android platform. Under this project type you still have the ability to create wireframes in two different styles: Sketch and WireFrame. Below there are two wireframe projects done in different orientation. You can import any of this template for free from our Gallery.

Import this template from our Gallery for free:

Android tablet wireframe

Import this template from our Gallery for free:

Android tablet app wireframe

Create your Android Tablet App wireframe now!

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