August 18th Update

Dear customers, Mockup Builder team is presenting new version (1.0.4246) of our product.

What is new in this update:

  • Desktop version (add app desktop version)
  • Screens list reordering (ability to reorder screens in screens list)
  • Save in WEB (ability to save project on server without sharing)
  • Close project confirmation (popup window with confirmation when current project closing and offer to save or update project on server)
  • Update project in web (ability to update project saved on server)
  • Image saving with project (when project is saving on the server pictures are saving too)
  • Install button (added install button to install app on desktop)
  • Added startup page (isolated storage size increasing (for correct work application should have enough free space in isolated storage. It’s strongly recommended to max increase isolated storage size because it used only if needed.))

Some of fixes and smaller updates:

  • Project size (increased project size that is possible to be shared, before there was a limitation in 16K)
  • Links in OOB mode (menu links in OOB mode didn’t work before)
  • Saving All screens to PDF, now user can generate single PDF for all screens
  • BMP to PNG converter (add new BMP to PNG converter for saving screens (reduce image size))

Again you are welcome to give your ideas, features and report issues in our public community forum that can be found at this location

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