Dashboard, User and Project Management

After a few months of intensive work Mockup Builder team released a huge update. Below is a list of implemented features:

  • Dashboard screen
  • Project list
  • User accounts and plans
  • User roles such as editor, reviewer
  • Project settings: allow save, ftp backup settings, name
  • Versioning of projects(subversions)
  • Store - a gallery or a number of projects that can be loaded as templates
  • Collaboration: when 2 or more users are in the same project as editors, they can collaborate in realtime with the same project, editing and commenting changes of each other
  • A chat is available during collaboration
  • Metro(Windows 8) controls
  • Private Sharing options

PS. We will post more information on those items in the following week. Please stay tuned.

A video that explains what is in there is just here

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