Don’t dismiss wireframes and mockups, it is critical! Want to know why read this post

In order to proceed, we should also mention the definition of wireframes, because quite often people assume that the Mockup and Wireframe have the same meaning and are just synonyms. However, there is a slight difference, so it should be clarified before starting with the process of their creation.

Wireframe mainly reflects the functional specifications.

There has to be a gray functional diagram’s interface with a note about qualified functional interface that will be designed / developed. It should remain a place for design which is based on frames, so here you have another opportunity to draw by hand for the first time. Wireframe contains of all six rectangles which mean that ‘the login form will be on the left, below header photo and navigation bar’ etc… To sum this up,  it can be mentioned that wireframe is more about the physical layout, and mockup is more about the design.

Why Are Mockups So Important?

Layouts Why is it important?

Layouts are created with the purpose to show the overall look, and see the feedback on their new website. Site mockups are a great way to represent the project for your client’s approval. That is why the layouts are simple and quick tool for creating the prior website design / software in order to make changes or rearrange your design easily.

The main advantages of mockup’s using are:

  • Provides an opportunity to understand the layout of elements, "where that goes." - You will get prior information about what it should contain, where it has to be placed, etc.
  • Can be used for design’s projection. - You can check  clients vision of the application or web site, before starting of code writting. So you have the ability to make some changes easily in the concept as well as save costs.
  • Attention to details. This paragraph is regards to the functional specifications of customer’s requirements and their analysis. You have to evaluate which features are better than others, and which are not compatible with the general usability.
  • Flexibility - Ability to modify, edit, add or remove certain elements. It improves your ideas / concepts and still remains very simple and easy to use.
  • Valuable service - To get the best response / vision from a potential client, you can offer the mockups design as a free service without involving the designer / developer
  • As part of this statement - In case if you have very important, large customers with the big request then you can offer free mockups to them and  win some time. However, you have to be careful in order to eliminate the possibility when your customer uses your ideas without paying for them. Sometimes such kind  of companys  hire designers / developers to develop a mockup and after receiving the result, don't pay for it.
  • Take into consideration and always remember this statement: Customers will appreciate your work once you catch their attention through your design layout. Note next: if your client is satisfied at the first stage of the project it is very posible that he will be satisfied during the entire process, and your collaboration will be much easier and productive.

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