Effective product creation within corporation jungle

Corporation means an abundance of communication and collaboration. Internal communication within every big enterprise is often complex and can be really frustrating. The bigger the corporation is, the more difficulties you are likely to encounter conveying your message, especially when it relates to creative process.

Once being in the role of product owner I recall the weird feeling, as if I am in the middle of a game, something between a quest and hidden treasures hunt. The quest starts with the idea itself and the more interest it evokes, the bigger the crowd of managers and top-managers, involved in the process of getting final approval of the product, becomes.

Meeting by meeting we spend company’s money to do the best for it, but, weird thing happened, the product gets worse.


The situation described above happened years ago, before wireframes and prototyping era started.  After almost half a year of frustrating meetings where we showed the designs and  discussed the colors of various panels and buttons many times, me and the designers involved decided to picture the product in simple, black and white images. To my own astonishment it was not that easy. It appeared that the whole management team concentrated on not important details, while the real problem was neither in the colors nor in the button or panel size, it lay in the way users exploit our product. The evening we sat down with the designer to make my first ever prototype showed me a big picture, the one we all failed to notice during several months.

Simple black and white user interface was easy to grasp and it did not overload you with the unnecessary details, which seemed important to us for such a long time.

Product Creation

Product Creation

To be honest it was not that easy to convince the managers to meet one another. Everyone was already depressed with the result of work, many were sure we did everything we could, etc. It took me some nerves but the outcome was worth it. We indeed had our first ever productive meeting. Within a month we finished all the wireframes and, based on the previous experience, developed design which was approved in only a week of discussions. By the end of the year the Alfa version was completed and I consider it to be a big success.

To sum up, prototype is the most convenient and visually appealing way to present your ideas. Black and white design eliminates the colors discussions, where everyone wants to do the best in the designer job.

Good prototype helps you attract the whole attention and concentrate it on the really important stuff, it also helps you to overcome the obstacles of misunderstanding  which happened a lot in the big and not that big companies.

The time described above did not have the software to do the prototypes. Now we have several tools worth buying but my own practice shows that the easier the learning curve for the tool is , the more attractive it will be for you and your colleagues, and, of course for your customers. So what to consider while choosing such a tool? The ease of learning and use, the collaboration and export possibilities and, the reasonable prices, of course. Make your choice and stay with us!