The end of September Minor update is here

Hi to all our users, we are working hard on updating our tool and hope to post the update soon, as we are presenting Mockup Builder at IDCEE conference.
As for now, here is the current version log:

  • Fixes on export screens
  • Added extended validation of project name, and protected predefined templates from editing (overwriting disabled)
  • Fixed the bug with an open project in OOB mode
  • Added Save/Open project with image (*.mbpa archive): Added functionality that allows to open or save *.mbpa files (mockup builder project archive). *.mbpa file – zip archive that contains *.mbp –project file and images from isolated storage.
  • Fixed project saving in web feature
  • Added online/offline indicator (notification)
  • Updated Control Panel Size (previously it disappeared if the search returned to controls or the recent tab was empty)
  • Added project load progress indicator
  • Added functionality to load *.bmp files

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