How to create wireframes for iPhone app

How to create wireframes for iPhone app

Building a good and useful mobile iOS application requires a lot of time. Mainly this time is used for the following three steps: programming, UI design creation and developing the functionality. If you want to create an excellent app pay attention to the last one. If the functionality is well done, the programming of the mobile application will be easier. One of the most common ways to begin working on the application is to start from the design wireframe for iphone. It is a part of the design process where the layout of the future app is formed. The simplest one could be created just by using a pencil and piece of paper, but designers mostly use special wireframe design tool for iPhone. Below are advices that we hope will help you in the mobile app creation.

Plan Views of Your Application

Any iPhone application design can be decomposed into the different views. They may include a photo gallery, content, numerical dial pad, a table listing, etc. On the first stage of the design wireframe for iphone, think about how many different views will be needed. The great idea is to start from the root view, which is the first that the user will see after downloading the application to the device. Pay attention to the question which elements are vital for the good UX design and do not forget about navigation in the mobile app wireframe for iPhone. Another possibility to start design wireframe for iPhone is to create a list of all views that you will need for the application. Take into account that you only need to include unique interfaces in the list. Attention should also be paid to the process of the user interaction with the app.

Navigation Map in Wireframe Design for iPhone

Understanding of the flow process and creation of the navigation map on its base is much easier than you think. You could create the simplest one just by using a piece of paper and connecting appropriative wireframe views by arrows or you could use wireframe design tool for iPhone for this purpose. Specify the button or other elements that will load the next view. Just try to create the navigation map once and you will understand that working with it is much easier than you might have expected.

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On this stage, you will understand whether you forgot any of the required UI elements or not. As an example, you need to have “About” button in the top navigation bar that will be displayed only on the root page and hidden in all internal pages. Sketch this information in the early stage of design wireframe for iPhone of  and the app developer will not forget about that detail.


The great mobile application could be created even without interactivity, but mostly many of them include one so you must plan how it will be provided. Popup modal messages and keyboard are only a few elements you need to work with. Also, you will work with different types of the “Submit” buttons and username, password, e-mail fields. At last, do not forget to use the appropriate labels that will explain the user what information must be written. View layouts are better created in another style than the function content is done. Also, point out which interface must be used in all views.

Filler Content

As the process of design wireframe for iPhone is mainly concentrated on the functionality, most elements are not detailed in this stage. For this reasons, all the page text and headers are done by filler content. In the case of wireframe creation by pencil, it can be just lines, which resemble sentences by shape. It is all that you will need to represent text in your mobile app wireframe. If you are using wireframe design tool for iPhone content could be imitate by random text. Take into account that this advice does not connect the text that will be displayed in the navigation elements.

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As you already know how to name all of them, it is better to put the appropriative label to the tab bar icons, buttons in the top navigation bar and table cell. If you have complex content that includes, for example, a video or a picture, you could represent it by a filled box or the one with the label “Image”. This box must have the representative size,  then there will be no problems with including this element in to the final design.

Use Templates

Many designers all over the world create the mobile app using mockup and wireframe. It is much easier to do that by using different templates in the wireframe design tool for iPhone. You could find many of them in the Mockup Builder library inside the application. In the case of using wireframe design software, you do not need to do all the work in pencil on paper. It makes everything much faster. In addition, such wireframe design tool for iPhone provides the ability to share wireframes that you have created with little effort. In this case, it will be more comfortable to use such wireframes in conversation with customers or if the team from a few people is working on the design wireframe for iPhone. Therefore, now it is much easier to start creating a wireframe than ever before!

Get Inspiration from Examples

Interesting theory is always useful, but few people can successfully use it on practice from the first time. If this is your firstly design wireframe for iphone app, we advise you to take a look at wireframes that other designers did earlier. You could find plenty of them by web searching for the app UI sketches. Talented designers often make a photo of their best mobile app wireframe and post them into special Flickr group. Also, you can find wonderful examples of the web and mobile wireframes in the column “Inspiration for wireframing” in our blog. We collect the best wireframes and mockup examples that we could find. Do not forget that trends are changing very rapidly. Do not be afraid to mix some old ideas with new techniques.


Design wireframe for iPhone app is an incredible and useful process. It gives the understanding of the future layout of the app. All of this is available on the first step of the app development! It also provides you the way to the simpler developing process as all the elements of the app are already concerted.  In any hard situations think about how it must feel and do not overthink any of the element.

 Create wireframe for iPhone app right NOW!