How to create wireframes for web site

website wireframe

Website wireframe is the simplest way to show the placement of the future web page elements. It could save a lot of time if you create it when the website design process is on its start level. It helps you and your client to concentrate on the layout of the future website. In this type of software prototype, you do not bother about type or color of the website elements. It helps to better understand how the client will be interacting with the future interface.

You could use three types of website wireframes tools:

Using pencil and a piece of paper

The simplest wireframe can be created without any software. It is suitable when you are talking with your client face to face. Just draw the elements of the future wireframe design on a piece of paper, paying attention to the place where they are situated.

Using non-specific website prototyping tools (Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop and other)

If you have installed some of the graphic packages, you could use them for the creation of website wireframe. From all the tools that are available in such software, you need the simplest ones: shapes, lines, text etc.

Using specific wireframe software

If you used Photoshop or Adobe Illustrator as website wireframe software, you could note that they have much more options than you need. So, if you prefer simplicity and efficiency in web development tools, it is a good idea to use the specific software. One of such web wireframe tools is Mockup Builder. To create website wireframes, you could use different types of buttons, boxes, text etc. They are already there in the website tools. In the Mockup Gallery you could also find the examples and the part of the website that could be simply integrated in your website wireframe.

website wireframe

Do not forget to include the following main elements in your website design:

  1. Search box
  2. Navigation. Especially the button that allows users to come back to the main page.
  3. Content area
  4. Company logo. You can represent it by box in the wireframes.
  5. User login area

Website wireframes allow you to have the desired layout in a few minute. You do not need to move complex elements when they are required to be placed in other position. Wireframe helps you experiment with your future website layout without time consuming. Therefore, before you start the discussion with your client the color of any element, you will already have finalized the layout and structure of your future website.

Create your first website wire frame right NOW!