How to make website mockup processes most effective?

When the wire frame or site architecture presentation is ended and the client approved all this, it is time to do the next step in project development. On this level, the best idea is to create mockup that will help you understand how the future website will look like and how it will be felt. Try to adhere KISS idea (Keep It Simple Stupid) that is highly popularized by Smashing Magazine. So, here are a few tips that can help you keep all the mockup process simple and effective for you and your client.

  • Focus on your design and idea concepts. Make them as clear as possible. It is better to spend bigger part of the budget on the confidence applied, strategy and sample planning for creating one ‘definite’ layout, than to provide a client with a few ‘possible’ design solutions and ask them to choose.
  • Create a website wire frame. There are a few different possibilities to create a wire frame. The easiest one is just to use a piece of paper and pencil, but in this case it is hard to share and make improvements. Better way is to create it online. You can use special software for this. For example, the product that is developed by our company Mockup Builder. With wire frame creation, you can forget about the first stage of design creation, font types and colors of the layout. It is possible to focus on the main idea.

  • Check mockups done by other designers for inspiration. There are many sites that collect and present examples of the best ideas and solutions in mockup creation. Look them through to find new ideas. Obviously, you can not copy others' work. In our blog, we also gather the best examples in mockup and wire frame creation practice. You could find all of them in our column “Inspiration“.
  • Explore and understand the client's needs. Meetings with a client are good opportunities to get to know more about client industries and their taste. If they do not share useful information or are overwhelmed, then it is your job to help them describe their own opinions. There are a few helpful questions that can make them more talkative. For example, “What key elements must be in the website?”, “Does the company have a logo?”, “What pages must be included in the navigation?”, “What is company's traditional color?”, “Are there any images that must be used?”
  • Mockup polishing. After your plan is approved by the customer, it is time to create polished, focused mockup. The client approval can be reached easier if mockup presentation is provided with notes on why design team thinks some solutions will work better than others. The presentation of the mockup also must be done on a good level, as here you can in the best way represent yourself as an expert.

Do not forget about most common mistakes that we described in one of the posts before and please avoid them in your work. We hope that these tips will help you do your mockup creation process more effective.

Start to create your mockup right now!