iPad App Wireframes in Mockup Builder

Yesterday in San Francisco Apple presented new iPad mini that will include Retina display and the iPad Air that is thiner then previous version for 20 %. And today we also want to present for you something that attached iPad. So, our next project type is oriented on the wireframes creation of the iPad Apps. To start iPad App Wireframe you need to choose "Tablet" - "iPad" after pushing "Create a New Project" on the Dashboard (see the following picture).

iPad App Wireframe Project

You can choose what orientation of the working area you need - portrait or landscape. On two following pictures you are able to see how those screens are looking like.

Portrait orientation Landscape orientation
 iPad App Wireframe Portrait  iPad App Wireframe Landscape

Under iPad App Wireframe project you can use many controls and separate icon library. Also, all projects can be created in two styles: WireFrame and Sketch. In our Gallery we already have two templates for this project type. You can import any of them for free. We hope that the count of the templates will increase in the nearby future. Take a look at this two templates bellow.

Import this template for free from our Gallery:

iPad App Wireframe Portrait

Import this template for free from our Gallery:

iPad App Wireframe Landscape


Create your iPad App wireframe now!