July 29th Big Update

Greetings to all Mockup Builder users. This is exciting time and I would like to present of our product update.

So what new appeared in Mockup Builder:

  • Ability to Save all Screens to signle PDF
  • Share button is now added in editor mode
  • Delete button appears in top right corner of selected control
  • Border property added in Image and Icon controls
  • Cover Flow got new feature - now users can upload any images
  • Help screen animations when drag over help tooltips. Other Text updates on Help screen
  • New Windows Phone Controls: Device Control, Pivot Panel, Panorama Panel. See screenshot below
Windows Phone Controls

Windows Phone Controls

More fixes being done in recent version:

  • Bug when double click occurs on selectable image
  • Icon, CoverFlow control goes in edit mode on double click
  • Zoom popup box positioning bug
  • Zoom popup hiding bug
  • Opacity for template screen
  • Fixed controls : BrowserWindow, Window, GroupBox, HorizontalTabControl, VerticalTabControl
  • Fixed behavior on MultilineText control

If you have any queries, wishes, issues to mention please use our Community Forum

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