July 6th Mockup Builder Update

First of all, I would like to thank all of the Mockup Builder Beta users. We are progressing on fixing issues and adding more functionality, here I represent current version that is live now.

1. Common UI improvements and fixes:

  • Hide/Show mode of links in presentation mode
  • Hide/Show mode of grid lines in mockup area
  • Presentation (feedback) buttons became toggle buttons
  • Feedback buttons style changes

2. A set of controls for Android, iPhone(old), Blackberry platforms are now available in Mobile Tab:

  • ItemList
  • MobileSearch
  • ImageViewer
  • AndroidContextMenu
  • AndroidPanel
  • AndroidPivotPanel
  • RadioMenu
  • VerticalNumericStepper
  • BlackBerry
  • iPad Control
  • Android phone

Here is how recent Android UI looks, we are working on a few more controls and will have them asap.

Android controls

Android controls

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