Latest Updates on Mockup Builder – Improvements in the online collaboration and icon library, wireframes for desktop software etc.

In the last few weeks, we worked a lot on the improvements of Mockup Builder. Here are the latest updates.

First of all, we enhanced online collaboration, making it stable for desktop and online versions of the Mockup Builder. We have also added shades of gray to our basic color picker, making the creation of mockups and wireframes in the Niehaus technique easier than before. The Icon Library under both styles is now fully available in all three sizes.

Icon Library Wireframe


We also fixed bugs concerning zooming of some controls, total wireframe zoom, and selection of the elements. In addition, we have improved the UI of the export option.

That is not all. You might already notice that the creation of desktop software wireframes have been simplified and is now easier than before. We have created separate project types for the desktop wireframing, and in the next few weeks, we will present you with possibilities to create mobile projects.

If you have experienced any difficulties with Mockup Builder, or have suggestions on how to make Mockup Builder an even better application, please write all ideas, suggestions and comments on our forum. We are happy to hear from you and welcome all ideas and suggestions.

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