Mockup Builder Updates – July 2013

Dear Mockup Builder users! We hope you are enjoying the summer. During last month we have made a few more improvements in our application.

First of all, we have redesigned the Dashboard. Take a look at the picture bellow. Now working with the project properties is more comfortable. All of them are available in one click from dashboard.

Mockup Builder Dashboard

If you want to add reviewers or editors to the project, rename it, share or archive, do FTP backup etc., all these functions are now accessible from your dashboard. Some of these properties are available only for pricing plan accounts, but they are visible for anyone. So, if you need to use some of these options, just click on the “Properties” button in the line of the particular project. You will come to the board where all described possibilities are accessible on the four tabs.

Mockup Builder Dashboard

New element “SiteMap” was recently added to the available ones under application. You can see its shape in the picture bellow. If you need to use it in your project you can find it on the tab “Text”.

Site Map Mockup

A few more improvements. Now dashboard and editor in the application are accessible by direct links. To come straight to your dashboard use:, , and to go to the editor: . From now on you can remove yourself from the project to which you were added. Also, we have changed the mechanism in which UI elements were grouped. In the application Undo Manager was improved.

Also, we have made more than a dozen of other improvements that concern CSS, load speed, resizing controllers, Color Panel and other. Hope these things will help you use Mockup Builder more comfortably than ever before.

Do you know how we could make Mockup Builder better for you? Feel free to mail us directly by mail [email protected] or you can leave your ideas about improvements in the comments.

Want to understand how improvements feel like? Start working on your wireframes right now!