Mockup Builder vs SketchFlow

You would ask why to compare Mockup Builder with Sketchflow, but I think these tools are close but still intended to achieve different results.

Sketchflow is a great tool created to allow Microsoft Expression Studio (Blend) users to make ‘sketches’ and interaction for future applications.

However, the main model is a bit different and numerous blogs and users take into account the following things that differ Sketchflow from a common wireframing tool. These are :

Sketchflow is not a standalone version, it works within Expression Blend UI and users frequently have hard time to find how to use it actually.

  • There are too many videos and learning sessions in Sketchflow that might not allow to start using it within minutes.
  • The purpose is a bit different rather than simple prototyping, as Sketchflow allows to add more dynamics to prototype. These are, of course, data bindings, animations, some workflows and too many properties allowed to edit. Do you really need so many details in your mockups?
  • To use Sketchflow you should buy Premium Microsoft Expression Studio; it is far more expensive than even paying small fee for using any of existing mockup tools or even using one of currently available for free.
  • It is a desktop based system; sending and receiving feedback is made via sending special player that allows to play sketch and make a feedback.
  • It is supposed to be easier to send a link and allow users to create feedback online, for example.

In the end, this is only a summarized number of opinions, I don’t have anything against this product, feel free to evaluate if you think it is what you need. Cheers,  Oleh.

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