The most common error model

After working with mockups for a long time we have identified and made a list of the most common mistakes during creating mockups, and we want to share it with you. Maybe you've even faced them, if not,  please read and take them into consideration:


  • Poor understanding of overall design’s concept. The client should understand immediately which value and idea you want to convey him through your design’s concept, otherwise there is a big possibility that customer may simply go somewhere else.
  • It is hard to read: Make sure you are using the high type. This means that you are using a dark color fonts on a light background.  Be careful when you are using dark colors on a color background or white color fonts on a light background. It is considered to be the most difficult for clients to read. It is also recomended to make the fonts bigger and easy to read so that not to put pressure on eyes!
  • Too many effects and details: too many unnecessary details and effects that bring no value but only complicate the process of writing the code. Simply put what you have to evaluate, which features are better than others as well as which features are incompatible with the general usability
  • Use only those fonts and texts that are easy to read in graphic’s elements: many designers use graphics with texts inside them or around them. Best option is to use middle text size:  not too large and not too small. They have to be easily readable. It is obvious that it is useless to post the text that no one can read.
  • If you really want to create a well-balanced website you have to use grids, it is one of the best guidance which we can give you. Without grids your website will look more unstructured and you can lose control of overall situation.

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