Most Effective Mockup Design Processes

You should make sure that the website’s mockup is created in the way that maximally satisfies customer’s requirements before its final presentation for your client’s approval. Therefore, your first and main task will be to get the complete information which you need to know: the appearance of the site, used colors to the site, graphics on it and etc. We will give you a short guidance about how to keep the proccess simple and understandable for you and your customers. Let's start with the process description:

  • Discuscuss and understand customer needs  from the very beginning of your collaboration with customer  make an effort to collect complete and specific information about the industry in which your customer operates, its market trends and preferences. In the case you cannot receive this information from the client, try to do it by yourself. Then you should also ask the client about their requirements about:  the colors; logo; key elements they would like to use;  the key pages that should be more important in navigation, perhaps they already have some images they want to use, etc.
  • Wireframing! - Many people use a sheet of paper in order to show  previous common features to their customers immediately on the meeting or send it to them later (attention! make sure that everything is clear for your customer, of course). It is important to remove all the extra elements such as colors and fonts so that just you could focus on the barebones layout. In case if you prefer a technological solution you can use wireframe resources and tools which you can find online.
  • Clarity and Focus about Idea and Design Concepts. The main idea is that the budget on design project should be approved utilizing detailed plane and clear strategy as well there should be one determined design. Try to avoid customers chase after multiple ‘possible’ designs.
  • Check out Rival’s Designs. The competitor’s sites can bring you ideas about the website, but there are limits which you shouldn’t cross. You cannot make a copy of those sites, but you can find and analyse the main directions and trends as well as understand their concepts.
  • The “Polished” Mockup. Once you have created a completely ready mockups and received approval from the client, start to polish it. For a successful contract closure you need to present mockups which are very precise and detailed. Your designers should understand customers, be more flexible for their requirements and needs. As well you should involve to your work experts whose evaluation may prove to be useful.

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