Old Projects and users

Dear Mockup Builder users.
As you might have noticed we moved into new phase of our product and now propose more features and options to you. The important thing is that now you cannot edit old projects that are located under (http://mockupbuilder.com/App/[app number]). This was done in order to keep everything secured.
We divided things you can work with being logged in or not logged in. So,
if you aren’t logged in:

  • you can work on local storage and keep your work saved locally
  • you can share your project and send links to others by email, but those links won't be editable now. So, if you need to have an update, you need to share it again with another link(that is automatically created)
  • save online or save as now isn't available if you aren't logged into Mockup Builder
  • auto save works only for current project and it saves into local storage
  • export option only to PNG of a single screen

Moreover, if you are an existing Mockup Builder user and have a number of projects saved before at http://mockupbuilder.com/App/[app number], you can request us to move them into your account, just send us your email privately (a user account you already have or would like to have) and links to those projects. We will remove those projects from public access and once you log in, you will be able to see them in your dashboard.

Update (March 25th 2013): For logged in users, you can go by http://mockupbuilder.com/RecoveryProject and recover your projects on by one. Hope this will save you a lot of time.

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