Smart Startup

We, the Mockup Builder team, decided to share some personal experience with you, and we hope to read your comments with your stories and discoveries. We’ll start with the one about Smart startup.

I believe everyone in the industry did dream of building their own start-ups. Why not, it’s cool, it’s trendy, and after all it’s freedom. But what stops you? Time? Lack of knowledge? Week design or programming skills? Money? Whatever the reason is, forget it and simply start!

Open the browser, find out the trends and competitors, analyze them and do better! Are there no competitors at all? Cool! Actually there is no significant difference to your creative mind, whether your idea is already developed by someone or not. The right moment to start prototyping comes with the insight into the product you want to build. Don't hesitate, open your favorite super easy prototyping tool and go ahead! Create!

Smart Startup

Smart Startup

As soon as you are done with the first ever mockup, ask your trusted friend to comment on it. You’d better not explain the purpose of the software or the difference between your idea and already-existing-someone-else one. Gather reviews and feedback, make improvements to your mockup, get better and better.  Read press and follow the trends related to your product. Work with your prototypes and with some time you will definitely understand your product viability and potential or, what is even more, you are likely to find the much more interesting idea. Nonetheless, never forget to prototype and collaborate! The chances to get angel investment are really high with a thoroughly built prototype! Check out the articles below and... do start with your own product!


Build a prototype product. Many entrepreneurs need capital to build a prototype product, yet most angels expect to see a prototype before they invest. Do what you can to demonstrate progress early.

Go 4Funding

In the start-up phase of an enterprise, a prototype of the business idea has been developed and the business plans and marketing strategies have been proposed.

Angel Investor Funding

You should accept the fact that having "a good idea" is often not enough to raise capital from private investors, and you should do your homework to provide "proof of concept" for your venture.

In the investing world it is well known that good ideas are abundant and well-done execution is rare. As such, you recognize that an idea alone does not create success.

The existence of a prototype or working model of your business' product or service can greatly increase your chances of attracting angel investors Ñ the prototype phase of your business should be financed by yourself, friends, and family.

Stay tuned for more information . The upcoming posts will be about winning strategy for the corporations, winning processes for the outsources and the ways prototyping can help freelancers.