TOP 6 mistakes in the mockup creation

In spite of the fact that mockup creation is a simple process, some people still make mistakes. We gathered six most common mistakes in the mockup creation process. Some of them are made more often, some more rarely. Take a seat and read carefully.

1) Using too many details and effects. Just think. Does this detail add value to the layout or not? If not, get it away from the mockup. If complex background, gradient border and drop-shadow are used in one element, this is a little bit too much.

2) Client could not get main concept of the mockup within a few seconds. The main idea of mockup creation is to facilitate communication between the team and customers. If the customers would not understand the main idea of your mockup in few second, there is a big probability that they will find another team.

color sheme

3) No color scheme. In the non-specific software for the mockup creation, there is a great ability to play with color, but do not forget to use the color scheme. Many resources can be found to help find the best suitable color for your needs. For example Adobe KulerColor Scheme DesignerColorHexa etc.

4) Text is hard to read. Use only high-contrast type in your design. The best one is to use dark color type on a white or very light background. Keep in mind that the light font on a dark or colorful background can cause difficulties in reading. The second point about which you must be careful is the font size. Your text must be large enough, so as the user would not have any difficulties to read it.

5) Unreadable font in your design. Mainly web designers like to use such fonts in the graphics elements. Keep in mind that, first of all, your content must be easy to read.

6) Design without aligning elements. One of the best advice that you have ever obtained is to use grids. It helps to make your design look more balanced and to avoid feeling that all elements are just scattered on the screen.

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