May 16 Update: Ipad controls, PDF Fixes and more

Greeting to all Mockup Builder Users! Hopefully you have successfully launched new Version of Mockup Builder.

In this Mockup Builder Release you will see the next updates:

- Fixed screens export to PDF (if there were many screens not all of them were getting exported to PDF)

- Fixed export after reordering of screens (previously after screen reordering, reordered screens  were exported in the wrong order)

- Overall optimization of Mockup Builder as well as optimization of export to PDF (previously for PDF export of 15 screens you needed 1400-1500 MB of storage, now for exporting of 30 screens you need only 800-1100 MB)

- Added 11 new controls for iPad(can be found in Mobile tab), now you can easily make mockups for you iPad applications as shown on screenshot

Ipad Controls

Ipad Controls

- Added button on property panel with help of which you can hide the panel in the editor mode. To hide the panel or bring it back you need to press the button as you can see on screenshot

Hide Panel

Hide Panel

- Fixed screen duplicate (previously when you were making changes in duplicated screen the same changes automatically were made in original screen)

- Fixed issue with fonts dropdown on Desktop version, only Arial font was shown before.

- Added sending invitation to multiple users, to share you mockup to multiple users you need to put coma “,” between emails as you can see on the screenshot

Email list

Email list

We hope our updates will make using of Mockup Builder for you more convenient and effective. Feel free to share you feedback and suggestions with us. We really appreciate them and utilize them in Mockup Builder development. We are preparing a big update with online collaboration, user and project management and more, so your thoughts and ideas are critical!

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