Using Prototypes for the Site Conversion rates improvements

One of the most important success indicators of any ecommerce business is conversion. Conversion - is the number of orders (or other actions on the site) per 100 site visitors.


Measuring conversion is possible with Google Analytics, by configuring goals, or with ecommerce tracking, if you have an online store.

To test website conversion it is necessary to configure A/B testing, which can be done for free in Google Analytics.

Step-by-Step Testing Process

  1. Create 3-4 prototypes of a certain webpage. Let it be a product page.
  2. Send the prototypes to a designer for a page makeup. Post all variants at the website.
  3. Evenly redirect the traffic to these pages (Google Analytics will do this for you).
  4. Identify the page with the highest page and move to step 1.

Please note, that to get accurate results, using this experiment, it is necessary having at least 1000 units of traffic.

If you cannot afford hiring a designer, creating 3-4 layout options of the same web page and repeating the same steps in a circle, you can create 3-4 simple prototypes at By visiting this page and using PDF editor you will create a clickable multipage prototype.

You will need and a target group of testers, about 5 people for each prototype. Testers get assignments that they perform on the prototypes and you assess what task are done properly and what are not clearly comprehended by the testers.

The main drawback of this approach is that prototypes are usually uncoloured and do not include real site images, which may introduce an error. Thus, when creating a prototype, try making it as similar to the tested page as possible.