Versioning in Mockup Builder and Caching issues

Dear Mockup Builder Users! Thank you for your feedbacks and suggestions. It really helps us to make Mockup Builder much better. Before checking new updates please make sure that you have the latest version of Mockup Builder.

You can see your Version number in the right bottom corner of editor area as shown on the screenshot.

Mockup Builder Version

The new version number is 1.0.4517

If you don’t have the new version please do the next:

-          Clean you cache, you can do it by pressing F5 or Ctrl F5; Or clean in Browser Properties window, by clearning history as well as cache.

-          Clean your isolated storage, you can do it by pressing Start -> Silverlight -> Application Storage -> -> Delete -> OK as shown on the screenshot

Isolated Storage

Isolated Storage

Please save your projects before deleting isolated storage in order not to lose your projects. By using File - Save As, or Save in Web(and remember the link you got )

The next versions of Mockup Builder will upload automatically. We are really sorry for inconvenience. If you face issues with uploading new version please contact us at our Community Forum and we will assist you.

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