Website mockup

Website mock-up is the scale model of the future website. It gives the possibility to show a customer how future website will look like and how it will be felt. As it is very simple to edit the mockup, both the designer and customer can improve it until the look of it is acceptable for both of them. It is very important to make a website mockup look as close to realistic as possible.

Website mockup usually shows composition and exact place of all the components in the future website design. This type of website model does not function.

The simplest website mockup can be created by using sticky notes or a pencil and a piece of paper. Using online and software tools gives more possibilities in the editing, so the conversation with the customers is more alive and dynamic.

There are three main reasons to create a website mockup:

  • It gives a great possibility to avoid mistakes and misunderstanding in design in the beginning of the website creation
  • It allows you to understand how the future website will be felt
  • It will take only 10-15 minutes to create a website mockup

Start to create your first website mock-up right NOW!