Welcome into Mockup Builder

Greetings! In this blog and especially in this post I would like to represent to all our visitors a blog and our wireframing tool called Mockup Builder.

A History.... A few words about me. My name is Oleh Mykhaylovych and I run quite standard software Development Company in Ukraine. I had very little knowledge of how startups are created and growing and started to dig into that direction. This was something really different than just making a product by specification, another world, full of unknown stuff and unpredictable decisions. My first try was (product is still alive) component development startup, so in short I was trying to sell Microsoft .NET based products for software developers, product managers and software companies in general. If you have some time, please have a look at www.fpscomponents.com. We are working on some of the products out there, but those are quite technical things, so I won't cover details in this post.

About a year ago I have decided to run software similar to Balsamiq Mockups, as I was really inspired by a story told by Peldi in his numerous blog posts. It was a really great story and an example of how an idea breaks rules of the need of investment. So, my first step was to gather some funds and plan development, with feature list, however, in this case, I was a customer. A start of development was not as good as I expected, the main issue was to get fulltime available development resource when we had a lot of projects to work with. Finally, I found the right person and he is still connected with development of the product. After this post I will start blogging on every update we publish and major news of Mockup Builder.

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