Why we used Silverlight?

There are plenty of wireframing tools; a lot of comparison articles that show advantages of ones are on top of others. Most of those tools are done with Flash or Adobe Air, a few are in pure HTML. So, Mockup Builder is quite unique in technological meaning, of course it is not a big deal from end user perspective, except maybe is it web browser plugin or not.

Silverlight 4 , by riastats.com is installed at 73.20% Internet connected devices. Of course, this is statistics from a number of websites they are tracking, but I assume it’s quite a good number to look at this technology as a good competitor of Flash.

Due to the nature of work, we have extensive experience in Silverlight, so it was great fun to create our own product rather than work for a customer. That is where Mockup Builder was born!

Another factor is that Microsoft reported that they recorded 1 million of Silverlight developers all over the world, so this is also a good number to present mockup tool to Silverlight fans and we are working in this direction.

In the next post I will try to explain Mockup Builder vision and why it is different from MS Expression Sketch Flow.

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