Windows Phone App Wireframe in Mockup Builder

Next project type that we want to present is done for Windows Phone App Wireframing. To start such project type, please after pushing "Create a New Project" on the Dashboard choose "Mobile" - "Windows Phone" (see the following picture).

Windows Phone Wireframe

You can also choose what orientation of the screen you need landscape or portrait one. Working area will be looking like following.

Portrait orientation Landscape orientation
 Windows Phone App Wireframe Portrait  Windows Phone App Wireframe Landscape

Under this project type you still have ability to create wireframes in two different styles. Also, many controls and separate icon library are still for your use. Below you can find two examples of the Windows Phone Wireframes done in Mockup Builder. Take into account, that you can import any of this two templates for free from our Gallery.

Import this template from our Gallery for free:

Wndows Phone App Wireframe Portrait

Import this template from our Gallery for free:
Windows Phone App Wireframe Landscape

Create your Windows Phone App wireframe now!