WireFrame Style in Mockup Builder

Dear users of Mockup Builder! A new week starts with good news. We have done one more improvement in Mockup Builder. Now you will be able to do your wireframe and mockups in two different styles in our application. You can change the style of your work on the bottom panel inside the application (look at the picture below).

Bottom panel

The style that we had before was named "Sketch", and the new one is "WireFrame". All controls that we have under the old style were redesigned for a new one. Now all 113 elements  are available in both styles. Let's take a closer look to some elements:

Element in Sketch Style Element in WireFrame Style
 Sketch style  WireFrame Style
Sketch style  WireFrame Style
 Sketch Style  WireFame Style

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Take into account that the style can be changed only to all controls that are used in one screen at the same time.

Let's try to change the style for our most popular template from Gallery.  This template is "Google+ Home Page". Bellow you can see this template in both styles.

 Google + Home Page in Sketch Style

Google Sketch Style


Google+ Home Page in WireFrame Style

Google Wireframe Style


We really hope that you will like this new ability, and it will be helpful in our work. If you have any other ideas how we could improve Mockup Builder for you, please, leave your suggestions in the comments.

Try new style right now! It is free!