Wireframe types – Part 1 – Sketch Style Wireframe

Wireframes are most effective if you use them at the right time and present them to the right people. All existing wireframes can be divided in a few types. We will talk about different wireframe types during next few weeks in our blog. In this post you can find interesting information about sketches.

Sketches or Sketch Style Wireframes

This type is best used if you need quick experiment with the main ideas of the future design. It is also good in case you need quick feedback on your design ideas.

Sketch for Urannus.fi

Many designers like this part of design process. It is the best time to feel free and to try new ideas with the help of just a piece of paper and a pencil. Such type of wireframing process gives a designer more freedom, as he doesn't have to make all his ideas in digital form. Also, it motivates you to put something on paper, in case of lack of inspiration, anything that is on your mind at that moment.

This type of wireframing would be perfect if you need to communicate your visual ideas to someone from your internal team and in case you do not have much time for details. If you make some changes in sketches, you can always say that “this is only a sketch”. This wouldn’t give others the feeling that this is a final version. But this is not the right type of wireframe if you want your team to imagine the whole design in details. Especially, it is hard for understanding details if any content was not included in the sketch.

Bellow you can find a few great examples of sketches.

Wireframe Sketch  - HostHead


In Mockup Builder you can create wireframes that look like sketches. You will be interested in this tool if you don’t like sketching by pen or pencil, or if you are working in the tight team where regular communication is very important for keeping project goals clear.

Facebook profile wireframe mockup

An example of digital sketch wireframe done in Mockup Builder (also available in our Gallery: http://mockupbuilder.com/Gallery/214/)

Want to create digital sketch?
Try Mockup Builder for this. It is free!