Wireframe types – Part 2 – Reference Zone Wireframe

Last week we started describing different types of wireframes that are used in design practice. We started from the simplest one - "Sketch Style Wireframe". Today we want to talk more about the reference zone wireframe type. Bellow you can see an example of one of such wireframes.

Reference Zone wireframe

This example is available in our Gallery.
Work with it! http://mockupbuilder.com/Gallery/387

As you can see, in this type we only denote positions of the future main elements and mark them by text. Graphical elements are not used. Also, take into account that we do not use color or shades for pointing out the importance of the web page parts. Only rectangles and text are used. This type is the best if you need to show just major positions of content blocks.

We advice to use this type of wireframe in case you need to:

  • show general structure of web pages
  • consider the project concept or big ideas
  • provide understanding of how a few pages work together

If you use such types of wireframe in your work, be careful, as not all people can think abstractly. Some may think this is all design solution that you can provide.

A few more examples of reference zone wireframes:

Freelancing Abroad Wireframe

Freelancing Abroad Wireframe

Clothing Store Startup



Sears Wireframe

Reference Zone wireframe

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