Wireframe types – Part 4 – High-Fidelity Wireframe

In last few weeks, we have introduced you to several types of wireframes and provided useful information about them. Today, we would like to continue our journey through wireframe types.

We’d like to present one of the more popular wireframes – the high-fidelity wireframe. It is also known as Hi-Fi Wireframe or Hi-Fidelity Wireframe.

In this wireframe type, all details that will be in the final project are shown clearly in respective positions. This wireframe provides a better understanding of how users will interact with the future product than other wireframe types. Also, high-fidelity wireframes help to ensure that all participants of the process (designers, developers, clients, etc) have the same vision as to how all elements will look like in the final product.

We have provided examples of hi-fidelity wireframes below. It is available in our Gallery free, so you can import it into your project and work with it at zero cost.

high fidelity wireframe

For work with this template, please go:
It is available for free!

In the case of high-fidelity wireframes, while it is great to provide a clear picture of elements, positions, and the final product, keep in mind that wireframes are just only wireframes. Wireframes are intended to showcase key elements and their positions within the page. They are not intended to be any part of the final product so it is always good to refrain from overloading any wireframe with excessive amounts of detail. It is also good to provide time and space for participants and stakeholders to absorb all details and provide feedback on the layout and the respective elements.

There are a few examples of high-fidelity wireframes bellow:


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